We at The Gospel Church are passionate about making disciples of Jesus to reach Nashville and the nations. As a part of that effort, we are beginning a series of topical discussions led by our staff and community partners called Faith Applied. These discussions will dive into various aspects of our faith and help us understand what it means to not only know the gospel, but “live a life worthy of the Gospel” (Phil. 1:27).

Living on Mission

Join Donovan and Trey as they talk with Dan and Alice Harder, current partners at The Gospel Church who spent nearly 30 years as missionaries in Colombia. They discuss living on mission in light of God’s heart for the nations.

For more information on missions, check out these resources:

Rondell Treviño and The Immigration Coalition

Join Donovan and Trey as they talk with Rondell Treviño, the founder and director of The Immigration Coalition. Listen in as they discuss the work that The Immigration Coalition is continuing to do at the border and to learn ways that you can support that work.

For more information or to get involved: Visit The Immigration Coalition website or email tic@theimmigrationcoalition.com.

Rescue Mission Church

Join Trey as he talks with Acts 29 church planter, Juan Hernandez, the pastor of Rescue Mission Church in Barranquilla, Colombia. Listen in to hear how God is using their ministry to bless the people, the pastors, and the churches of Barranquilla.

Personal Spiritual Growth 

  • What is the Bible and why do we study it?
  • How does spending time alone with God help prepare us for our gospel purpose?
  • What does spending time with God look like for you personally?
  • What prevents you from spending time alone with God?

Join Donovan and Trey as they have a conversation with Jeff Gitter, one of our elders, and his wife Emily about personal spiritual growth.


Race and The Gospel with Trillia Newbell

  • What is racism and why is it still a problem in society today?
  • How do we celebrate our ethnic and cultural differences in the Church?
  • How should the Church respond to racism and how does that help proclaim the Gospel?

Join Donovan and Trey as they have a conversation with Trillia Newbell, author of several books including United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity and Acquistions Editor at Moody Publisher, about race and the Gospel.

Faith, Politics, and Unity with Dr. Andrew Walker

  • How does our faith inform our political thoughts, opinions, and actions?
  • How can Christians remain united in the midst of such a divisive culture?

We are joined by Dr. Andrew Walker, professor of Christian Ethics at Southern Seminary, to discuss these questions and more.

Biblical Hospitality

  • What is “biblical hospitality” and how does it differ from the world’s definition of hospitality?
  • How does showing biblical hospitality open the door to having Gospel centered conversations?
  • How can I practice biblical hospitality?

Listen in as Donovan Jordan and Trey Powell discuss these questions and more with Kay Eaves, our local partner who ministers to international students on college campuses in the Nashville area.