We are so excited to begin worshipping with you in person again. Please know we are taking every reasonable precaution to ensure that these worship services are safe. 

If you have any questions about what these services will look like, or what precautions we are taking, please see the FAQs below.


The answers to these questions below are based on the current guidelines and recommendations by government and health officials. As more information is released, we will do our best to make well informed decisions on how to proceed. 

Do I need to sign up to attend a service?

In order to attend a service, we will be using a ticketing system through Planning Center. This will help us to track attendance numbers, keep them within safe levels, and ensure that we can provide adequate space in our worship services. We will make this Planning Center sign up available through email and our website. As a part of this sign up, we ask that you provide the following information:

Full name
Number of people in party
Names of those in party
Contact phone number and email

In addition to this information, we will be asking you to respond to a few health related questions when you arrive at the building for service. These questions will be used to make sure all proper procedures are followed for those who are sick, have been sick, have experienced symptoms, or are considered in the vulnerable/at risk population. 

What times will the services be?

Service will be held at 9:00 am and 11:00 am at 101 Bowling Avenue. These services will also be made available via live stream. 

What time should I arrive?

Doors will open 30 minutes prior to service. In order to streamline the check-in process and start on time to honor those who are unable to attend in person, please plan to be on campus at least 15 minutes early.

Will I need to wear a face covering?

Anyone who attends an in-person worship service will be asked to bring a face covering and use it for the duration of their time indoors. This request does not apply to children 5 years of age and younger.

Will I have to have my temperature taken before I enter the building?

We will be taking the temperatures of all persons who attend our services. If any person in your party is not feeling well, has experienced symptoms in the past week, or has a temperature over 100.3, they will be asked to stay home.

Can I sit with my family?

Yes, you will be able to sit with your family. You will need to list your entire family when you register for a service. 

Will I have an assigned seat or can I sit where I want?

You will be given an assigned seat when you arrive by a member of our guest services team. This is done to ensure that we maximize our seating while maintaining a safe distance between family units.

Will there be Gospel Kids?

At this time, we are offering Gospel Kids for babies-preK at the 9am service only. All other children are welcome to attend our worship service. We are working to offer more Gospel Kids classes and will inform you when there are more classes available.

Will there be a separate room for parents with kids?

At the moment, we will be offering a mother’s room/family room. In this room there will be a video screen with a live feed of the worship service and a changing table. If you or your child needs a moment apart from the large gathering, you are welcome to use the mother’s room.

Will an offering basket be passed?

Offering baskets will not be passed during the service. There will be an offering box as you exit, if you want to give your offering that way, or you can give online at thegospelchurch.com/give.

Will there be communion?

When we observe communion, it will be done with pre-wrapped (at the manufacturer) bread/juice cups. These pre-wrapped bread/juice cups will be distributed to each seat by a face-covered staff member or volunteer before the service begins. 

Will there be coffee/tea/food?

At this time, we will not be offering coffee/tea or food to avoid people touching the same surfaces.

Is hand sanitizer available?

Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of the building and the sanctuary. Hand sanitizer will also be made available at various places throughout the church building.

Will I have to open doors to get into the building?

Weather permitting, all entry/exit points will be propped open so people may enter and exit without touching door handles. If this is not feasible, staff members and volunteers wearing face coverings will be assigned to open doors as people approach the door and hold the door open for them while maintaining a safe distance. 

How will the church building be cleaned during and after services?

A professional cleaning service will clean the building weekly to ensure that it is a safe and sanitary place for worship on Sunday.  

How will the restrooms be cleaned?

Our restrooms will be cleaned weekly by a professional cleaning service to ensure they are safe and sanitary for Sundays. In addition, our restrooms will be equipped with contactless soap dispensers to reduce high touch areas. 

Due to the limited capacity of our restrooms, we will only be allowing one adult or one adult and child to enter the bathroom at a time. As such, we encourage all those who attend to use the bathroom before coming to service. 

What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19 who attended a worship service?

It will be requested of any member/attendee who tests positive for COVID-19 and has attended a worship service of The Gospel Church to notify the church office immediately by way of info@thegospelchurch.com or phoning 615-669-4421, at which time formalized tracking/tracing procedures will go into effect. The highest levels of privacy will be maintained; no individual names of any who disclose to the church office a positive COVID-19 test result will be publicized or made known to the rest of the church. Every person attending the service will be notified, and potentially asked to not return for 14 days, or until a negative test result is confirmed. 

Will the online services continue?

The live stream of the full service will continue for the foreseeable future.

Will church staff and volunteers wear face coverings?

All church staff and volunteers will wear face coverings on Sunday mornings unless they are on stage.